SOFLEX DigiTalk digital production


How much does a SOFLEX control system cost?

The question seems simple. The answer should be just as simple. After all, a potential customer needs this information for their budget planning. However, a blanket answer to this question is almost impossible. Why? Because the number of tasks that a control system can solve varies enormously. A control system is not a single software product, but a cooperating swarm of microservices. Each microservice solves a specific task. With each task solved, the benefits of the control system grow, but so does the complexity of the solution and therefore the price.

Even the term control system is not clearly defined in its functional scope. The boundaries are fluid in almost all areas of production organization and production control. And many questions arise when discussing these boundaries. To what extent should production be controlled? Is capacity planning sufficient, or should detailed planning/resource planning be carried out? Which production data and resources should be managed?  How many interfaces to machines and robots are there? Will the control system be used as a stand-alone solution, or should other organizational systems (ERP, CAD/CAM, tool presetting, etc.) be connected?

It is therefore difficult to provide reliable price information without plenty of background information. There are too many different ideas as to what scope the control system should cover. Nevertheless, we would like to give it a try: Years of experience have shown that budgeting a control system at 5-10% of the total investment for the automated system is generally a very good guideline.

Is this investment profitable?

Yes, the investment in a flexible control system can pay for itself very quickly. Our algorithms are specialized in avoiding the organizational downtime of processing machines. Detailed planning makes it child's play to provide resources in line with demand. Automation allows machines to run unmanned for longer, and machine downtimes can be avoided even in unmanned operation with the help of intelligent alternative strategies. The savings potential (lower personnel costs, higher machine utilization) is enormous.

Pay-per-use for a SOFLEX control system? Is that possible?

The customer has a tight budget or is afraid of the risk of investing in a SOFLEX guidance system? We have a solution for that too. They place their trust in us and we bear the risk. In addition to the manageable costs for advice, design and installation of the SOFLEX control system, they receive the software license as a gift. In return, we want to share in the joint success. We measure the machine running times, which we coordinate via our control system. Costs are therefore only incurred while the customer is earning money with the production system.