40 years of innovation and success:

We are celebrating an anniversary

This year marks a special milestone in our history: since our foundation in 1984, we have been operating worldwide as experts in production control systems. From our humble beginnings as a spin-off from the University of Stuttgart to the forefront of the highly flexible production systems industry, we have made a remarkable journey.

Our beginnings and vision

“When we founded SOFLEX 40 years ago, we could hardly have imagined the twists and turns and successes this path would hold for us,” recalls Franz Klaiber, founder and Managing Director of the company. “We were convinced that the increasing individualization of products would create an alternative to Henry Ford's series production. Highly flexible production systems for variant production with small quantities, controlled by intelligent software.”

This was a revolutionary idea that inspired us to realize the first such systems worldwide, which were initially used primarily by large companies.


Pioneering work and innovation

As pioneers in this field, SOFLEX realized the first systems of this type worldwide. In the early years, it was mainly large companies that produced these complex and cost-intensive one-offs. However, SOFLEX pursued the goal of making this technology accessible to smaller production companies from the very beginning. Thanks to largely standardized software and modular systems, the company now offers solutions that ensure a rapid return on investment (ROI).


Success story with a future

“Our anniversary is testimony to the fact that we have chosen the right path with our core values,” says Franz Klaiber. We take customer needs seriously, generate sustainable and high-quality solutions and ensure that we act reliably. This has made us a globally recognized partner for the industry.”


Gratitude and looking to the future

We would like to take this moment to thank our employees, partners and customers. Your trust, loyalty and support are the key to our success. We face the challenges of the future with enthusiasm and willingness. The world of production and manufacturing technologies is constantly evolving and we are determined to remain at the forefront of innovation.