Pay-per-use model for SOFLEX production control systems

SOFLEX introduces the pay-per-use model for its production control systems!

Software solutions are indispensable for any manufacturing company that wants to improve its efficiency and optimize production.

In the area of flexible production systems, figures are available that show productivity increases of up to 30% through the use of control systems. The main starting points here are the reduction of machine downtimes through the needs-based provision of resources, the avoidance of malfunction situations through intelligent alternative strategies, 24/7 production as well as transparency and rapid intervention options through the visualization of system statuses.

Despite the global trend towards digitalization, many customers in the production environment are reluctant to invest in software solutions. With the new pay-per-use model, SOFLEX offers manageable investment costs while at the same time taking advantage of all the benefits of a production control system. This makes it easier for companies of any size and from any industry to improve their production processes and increase their competitiveness.

How does it work? Quite simply!
In addition to the one-off costs for advice, design and installation of the SOFLEX control system, our customers receive the software licenses free of charge in advance. Our control system organizes and controls the production process on all connected machines and records the running times. Further costs are only incurred when the processing machines are productive.
"The decisive factor for our customers is that they do not have to pay in advance. Together we participate in the increased productivity of the machines. There are no costs for underutilized capacities," says Franz Klaiber - Managing Director of SOFLEX Fertigungssteuerungs-GmbH.

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News Pay-per-Use-Modell für SOFLEX Control Systems