SOFLEX Measuring automation

It is done.

Our joint development project of a fully automated set-up tower was integrated into a measuring automation system consisting of 5 measuring machines. The automation with the SOFLEX control system now enables 24/7 measuring operation.
The system consists of an automated set-up tower developed by wbt automation and SOFLEX Fertigungssteuerungs-GmbH, on which the workpieces to be measured can be clamped and unclamped. Transport logistics using driverless transport systems from Mobile Industrial Robots A/S, controlled by the SOFLEX cell control system, are used to automatically load and unload measuring machines.
The SOFLEX control system plans the measuring sequence and controls all activities for automated operation. During the measurements, the operator has time for clamping and unclamping processes and for evaluating NOK measurements.
You can find the video here: SOFLEX measurement automation