SOFLEX-PCS Version 5.12

The need to make further developments of software packages available in a targeted manner through solid version management has never been greater.

We continuously evaluate customer requirements in combination with technological improvements in order to constantly develop our products further.
What does the new SOFLEX-PCS software version bring? The main new features relate to

  • Tool management expanded and revised
  • New APP for tool automation
  • New order data interface
  • The OPC UA information model "FLAMES 2" now also covers robot/handling controllers

Hard work, lots of ideas, new impetus - we have invested over 400 minor and major adjustments and over 3,500 development hours in the new SOFLEX-PCS version 5.12. A large part of this was maintenance and installation work to take our system architecture into the future.

Why? We want you to

  • be continuously supplied with the latest technologies
  • benefit from our knowledge and experience from realized projects
  • benefit from higher productivity of your plant.