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Universal software and automation components

SOFLEX-Software and automation solutions are maximally efficient and optimally flexible. Transparent production processes, short order throughput times, timely provision of operating resources and automated production processes are the key features of systems in which SOFLEX solutions are used.

The SOFLEX-Software, with intuitive operating concepts, is based on standardized software packages. More than 250,000 hours have been invested in the research, development and programming of the core software. Consistent further development secures the company's role as technology leader.

To ensure short commissioning times and quality assurance, the production process is tested extensively with simulation modules before each system is delivered.

The digital SOFLEX production platform enables automated data exchange between the higher-level organizational systems (ERP, MES, CAD/CAM, etc...) and the production area.

The modular structure of our products allows individual tailoring to the task at hand. Customer-specific solutions, developed in joint workshops, complete our product portfolio.

Soflex control system

SOFLEX control systems plan and organize the order processing, control the workpiece flow as well as 
the resources provision (tools, NC data, fixtures, etc.) and transmit the necessary production information to the processing machines or manual workstations. Thereby, the SOFLEX control systems function as a link between the production and the organisational and technical systems of the company (ERP, CAD / CAM and PDM systems). This ensures a fast, automated information exchange. The advantages are obvious: consistent user interface, congruent production strategies and identical interfaces.

Core functions of SOFLEX controls systems:
  • Detailed planning and order control
  • Process control for automated production cells
  • Provision of manufacturing data
  • Organisation of resource provision
  • Machine and production data collection

SOFLEX-control systems are used in mechanical production by:

  • manual workstations and non-automated processing machines
  • automated machining centers
  • production cells with robots and / or automated pallet handling
  • flexible production systems with automated workpiece and tool flow

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