Software for order control (SOFLEX-OCS)

Control the order flow

The ideal start

Shortening order throughput times in production is a primary goal of many manufacturing companies. As a rule, idle times are many times longer than the actual processing times.

Thanks to dynamic online planning and an automatically updated priority list, SOFLEX-OCS accelerates part throughput. Operators enter the number of parts produced and are notified online of the pending follow-up work at their workstations. The result is reduced idle times and improved adherence to deadlines.

Thanks to the link with an ERP system, SOFLEX-OCS is the ideal entry point for workshop-related detailed planning and order throughput control.

SOFLEX-OCS can be expanded as required with modules for machine and production data acquisition or modules for organizing tool provision.

SOFLEX-OCS (Order Control System)

SOFLEX-OCS (OrderControlSystem) lays the foundation for a dynamic order control and is the ideal entry into digital production.

SOFLEX-OCS plans (patented procedure) and controls the order sequence at individual workstations. Complex production processes are easily organised using SOFLEX-OCS. Furthermore, unproductive idle times are eliminated and delivery times are reduced.

The online planning, with the automatically generated order sequence, guarantees reliable timelines and transparency in the production process.

The starter package can be extended at any time. For the machine workplaces, SOFLEX-OCS undertakes the provision of the tools, manages the tool stocks in the production environment and secures the data transmission into the machine control. The provision of the necessary NC data complements the functional scope to a production control center. Setup costs and downtimes are minimized.

Further modules can be combined for a comprehensive machine and operational data collection. This enables a continuous improvement process.

Area of application

Stand-alone machine/workstation

Fields of application are conventional processing machines and manual workstations.

The SOFLEX software plans and controls the order sequence dynamically. Depending on the expansion stage, online planning takes into account the current equipment situation (tools, devices, NC programs, etc.). The result is less set-up work, less downtime and a noticeable reduction in idle times.

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