Software for Smart Factory (SOFLEX-MES)

Control of entire production areas

The digital Production

In a "Smart Factory", the SOFLEX software is used on different systems from well-known machine and automation manufacturers. This provides the user with a standardized solution for his production. Operation is identical across all systems, allowing operators to be deployed across all systems.

The universal use of SOFLEX products standardizes user processes and interfaces. This reduces the cost of integrating the individual cell/system and simplifies maintenance work.

The coordination of the individual SOFLEX control systems (SOFLEX-OCS, SOFLEX-MCS and SOFLEX-CCS) is handled by the higher-level SOFLEX-MES. This software package is used for long-term capacity planning and automatic transfer to the production cells/plants. If AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are used for workpiece or resource provision, SOFLEX-MES takes over the task of transport organization.

SOFLEX-MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

No matter whether you want to optimize your production through Industry 4.0, Smart Factory or Digital Production, the SOFLEX-MES (ManufacturingExecutionSystem) is the right tool for the implementation.

SOFLEX-MES is the superordinate software package that integrates machines and manufacturing cells and thus enables a holistic organization and control of a manufacturing area.

The integrated management of production orders, work plans and other production-relevant data allows a rough planning while taking existing production capacities into account. Capacity bottlenecks and delivery delays can be identified at an early stage and allow appropriate reactions. An automated data exchange provides all necessary order information for the connected stand-alone machines and production cells.

SOFLEX-MES can be integrated into any IT environment and serves as a link between the organization systems (ERP, PDM, CAD/CAM, etc.) and the machine / cell controls.

The provision of material and operating resources is ensured by an integrated logistic module with storage management. Depending on the degree of automation, the transport is carried out manually or is triggered by an automated transport system (AGV / FTS).


Area of application

Automated guided vehicle (AGV)

With automated guided vehicles (AGV) in production, the flow of workpieces and operating resources can be made extremely flexible.
Standalone machines, production cells and even linear production systems are connected to each other via AGVs and supplied from central set-up areas. SOFLEX control systems support the integration of AGVs and thus organize the provision of workpieces, pallets and tools.

An important step towards the digital factory (Smart Factory), thanks to intelligent solutions from SOFLEX.

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