Software for Stand-alone machines (SOFLEX-MCS)

Control of automated stand-alone machines

Start of digital production

In the competition for short delivery times and costs, the degree of utilization of machines is crucial. In addition to technical performance data, organizational aspects also influence the efficiency of a machine.

SOFLEX-MCS is linked to the machine control system and, in addition to providing the NC program and tools, also controls the machining process. This takes place both on machines with manual loading of workpieces and on machines with a workpiece storage system. A holistic integration of the processing machines into the internal information flow is achieved by an automated data exchange between the higher-level organizational systems such as ERP/MES, CAD/CAM etc ... and SOFLEX-MCS.

SOFLEX-MCS (Machine Control System)

SOFLEX-MCS (MachineControlSystem) links processing machines with the company’s administrative and technical systems like ERP, PDM, CAD / CAM, etc., plans and controls the machining process on an NC machine.

Automated data interfaces are set up to transfer production orders, NC programs, drawings, instructions, tool data, and other information relevant for production.

The process control in SOFLEX MCS provides all this information dynamically on demand and controls the production process at each individual machine.

SOFLEX MCS acts as a central point of information that manages the machine operations. The operator is relieved of error-prone manual data entry, so that he can concentrate on his main tasks.

This results in increasing the machine utilization.

Area of application

Machine with pallet storage

The field of application is a single machining center with an integrated pallet or workpiece storage system.

The SOFLEX software controls the machining sequence of the workpieces and organizes the provision of operating resources, including NC data exchange. Predictive planning prevents downtimes due to a lack of operating resources. Maximum machine productivity in manned and unmanned shifts.

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