SOFLEX Company

Experts for the production of the future

Long-term service and sustainability

SOFLEX Fertigungssteuerungs-GmbH was founded in 1984 in the course of the first industrial application of control systems for flexible production plants. The family-run company focuses on the use of production control systems as well as the automation of machines in the production environment.

The company's activities focus on securing sustainable competitive advantages in the manufacture of products and relieving the burden on production employees through intelligent software for the organization and automation of production processes.

SOFLEX know-how is in demand worldwide and has been successfully implemented in more than a thousand installations.

Our customers benefit from a high-performance team of experienced experts and young, committed engineers and IT specialists. Competent and creative employees are the foundation for our innovations. 

The software is programmed and developed 100% in-house at our Rottenburg site.

Reliability and sustainability are the cornerstones of our actions. SOFLEX relies on long-term partnerships with its customers. We offer lifelong service for our products and many options for retrofitting existing installations.

Our company building was constructed in a sustainable and resource-saving manner. The installed photovoltaic system allows us to be climate-neutral. The solar panels produce enough energy to produce our software and cover all our building management needs.